Marketing Revolution International™

Marketing Revolution International™ is a one stop marketing management company, using innovative approach and best resources in the industry, offering our clients access to a range of marketing activity. one of our best service is to offers exclusive access to the most rewarding lifestyle benefits available in Asia. Giving organizations the ability to offer a magnificent inventory of fantastic lifestyle enhancing experiences not available anywhere else at this cost.

For more than 20 years, our company has created effective incentive program that have helped major brands across Asia like Citibank, Bank ANZ Indonesia, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Proton, IKEA, Berjaya Group, Nikon, Ariston Indonesia, ING Insurance, Sinarmas, and many SMEs to grow their sales significantly. Unique in Asia, MRI™ leverages off many years of experience of creating creative incentive and reward programs with our travel affiliates and partners. MRI™ negotiate unparalleled vacation and lifestyle offers and provide them to our clients at a fraction of their perceived value, so that our clients can offer the benefits for free as an incentive to prospective or current customers for customer acquisition or retention leading to brand loyalty.

Our Team


Tung Desem Waringin - Founder of TDW Group

Also known as one of the most successful Indonesian Marketing Guru, motivational speaker, serial entrepreneur and investor. In December 2005 SWA Magazine entitled him as “The Most Powerful People and Ideas in Business in Indonesia”. His first book “Financial Revolution” broke a Record as best seller that sold 10.511 exemplar in retail on first day and his second book “Marketing Revolution” broke 4 records at once, sold 38.878 exemplars in first day.


Rocky Nusantara - Chief Executive Officer

Rocky Nusantara - Chief Executive Officer MRI co-founder, starting his career as a banker then started an investment company in Singapore. One of his biggest achievement in the investment company when the company helped a start-up company in seismic from Norway that valuated at $100.000 and in one year the company was sold for $2.000.000. He has built several businesses over the past 8 years and successfully grown the businesses from a small medium enterprise to large corporation. He is the CMO at ARC Capital, a venture capital company focusing on funding and Merger and Acquisition. He is also the CEO at PT Adithana Nusantara.


Andrew Kartakusuma - Chief Marketing Officer

MRI senior advisor and shareholder at Marketing Revolution International, With background in Software Engineering and Online Marketing Andrew Kartakusuma has learned His Marketing Skills From Tung Desem Waringin and Russell Brunson. At his 26th age, he generated an Import Business in Police Siren Generated 100 Millions Rupiah in 1 Month.


Novita Tanu Hariono - Chief Operating Officer

Novita started her carrier as the first steel door distributor in Jakarta. The company supply doors to Sinar Mas Land, Hotel 88, factories across Jakarta, place of worship. During her business trip to Singapore in 2012, she discovered an incentive product that is unique, has a high perceived value at low cost which eventually become of the largest supplier of incentive product in Indonesia. Her biggest achievement is helping Sinar Mas MSIG and Bank ANZ to increase sales by 1000% using MRI incentive voucher before the company even started. In 2018, she expanded her business portfolio by buying a chemical factory.