Our Services

Data Research & Analysis

Key research objectives are as follows:
1. To determine customer preference to your product
2. To find out the target market for a specific industry
3. To find out what incentive the customer prefer in buying your product.

Marketing Plan and Marketing Consultancy

The objective of doing a marketing plan
1. To identify the Goals / Objectives of the company
2. S.W.O.T. Analysis
3. Market positioning
4. Competitor analysis
Marketing consultancy
Applying the “marketing revolution strategy” to create a game changer strategy for a specific company. A right strategy at the right time can result in an increase of sales up to1000% or more. MRI™ Delivery System is a marketing tools based on “Marketing Revolution” book by Mr Tung Desem Waringin, a book that was sold for more than 38.878 copies on the first day of launch and still a mega best seller at gramedia.

Incentive and Marketing Gimmick

Choose to purchase our product/service today and receive a FREE 3D2N local break and a 4D3N International Break worth Rp 15,000,000 or also together with other lifestyle related benefits with health, wealth creation and travel components. The cost of the holiday incentive to your company is less than Rp 2,500,000. MRI Incentive provides travel and lifestyle rewards of a high perceived value at a fraction of the cost to our clients.